Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Wednesday Wishlist: Tea Time

Care for a spot of tea, anyone?  I was never really a big tea drinker until I recently discovered the wonderfulness that is green tea.   (Is 'wonderfulness' a real word?  If not, it should be!)  To me, tea drinking was reserved for stuffy ladies with white gloves and gigantic hats.  Well, I've since thrown my misguided opinion of tea clean out the window, and pay homage to this beneficial beverage with these lovely tea-drinking vessels we call teapots.  As usual, I found these browsing Etsy....Treasury East this time!...and would like to thank whiskeypointpottery for curating the beautiful "Green Tea Anyone" treasury.  It's stunning I tell you, just stunning, and makes me want to start a teapot collection!

You should know the drill by now, but it bears repeating....please, please, PLEASE show these talented artists some love and appreciation for their fine crafts by right clicking on each link to open their shop in a new window.  Thank you!!

Blue Green Porcelain Crystalline Teapot

Tall Teapot from back2earth

Little Blue Teapot from VadimM
(I think this is reminds me of Alice in Wonderland!)

Sage Green and Cream Handbuilt Teapot
from foxpots

Green Bird Teapot from davidaustingallery

Teapot with Sculpted Frog Lid from JMNPOTTERY

He Said She Said Teapot in Copper Blue

Wheel Thrown Green Teapot with Dragonfly

Soy Sauce Pot -- Blue Sky
from Tjossem

Stoneware Teapot with Unique Handle
and Tractor Print from zmedceram

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