Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Wednesday Wishlist: Personal Desires

This week my Wednesday Wishlist takes a personal turn.  I didn't search the internet for any fabulous finds; instead, I searched within myself.  You see, I've been a bit down lately, and anyone who's ever suffered even the mildest case of depression knows that no amount of money can buy happiness.  So this is my list of personal desires that would bring enormous joy to my very heavy heart. :(

1.  Children that behave.
2.  People who don't judge others.
3.  Eight hours of peaceful, restful sleep each and every night.
4.  Yoga!
5.  Neighbors who are neighborly instead of nosy and nasty.
6.  A surprise email/text/call from an old friend.
7.  Three words: I.  Love.  You.
8.  Three more words:  You.  Are.  Forgiven.
9.  The cat's fur to grow back.
10.  A genuine, meaningful hug.

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