Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Wednesday Wishlist: Beauties from the Basement

The Wednesday Wishlist is back!  For this installment I bring you Beauties from the Basement.  Where exactly is this Basement you ask?  The basement is the nickname for that beloved section of the Etsy fora called Etc.  On any given day you can find amazingly talented Etsyans discussing anything from their favorite tunes to their annoying neighbors.  The banter among these fine folks is rife with wit, charm, intelligence, and the occasional, erm, snark.  (But who notices snark, really? hehe).  Featuring ALL the wonderful artists I often see in Etc. would fill a thousand Wednesday Wishlists, but for now I'll tease you with just these ten.  So here's the drill...right click on their shop names to open each listing in a new window and show these Etc. peeps some love.  They deserve it!  

Silk Lined Peacock Kisslock Frame Clutch

Sonoran Sands Wireworked Pendant OOAK

Waiting for Mr. Right Antique/Vintage Photo digital download
from MissKym
(this is me in about 30 years.  HA!)

Racy Rhonda from Racine

Sister Squid-Baby Pink and Grey

Muslin Drawstring Bags with Dandelion Puff

Swan Ghosts Hand Crank Automata

Blue Cat Peeking Original Acrylic Painting

Archimedes Is Feelin Groovy Leather and Fabric Cuff

Baseball Apron