Tuesday, January 10, 2012

dear blog: i've missed you

i'm afraid i've sorely neglected you, my dear blog, and for that i am truly sorry.  sure, i can use the age-old excuse that i've been "really busy"...i have been, honest...but that excuse is a sorry one, isn't it?  yeah, i thought so.  i do miss the interaction, the discoveries we've made together, the news we've shared.  you are like a long lost friend newly found and i don't want to lose you again.

so here's what i propose we do.  let's keep blogging here for a little while longer before moving to a bigger, better place like, say, our very own website.  not only will we tell stories there and share our webby adventures, we will share the whole experience of j.m.o. for all the world to see.  what do you say, are you with me?  it will be an adventure like no other.  i am certain of it.

until that time, let's keep in touch more often while we're still here.  i'll bring you behind-the-scenes coverage and my finds from around the web and you can bask in their awesomeness.  first, i think there's a Discover This feature that's very long overdue.  it is coming soon...