Saturday, January 10, 2009

Discover This: "Photo Fabulous!" ~ Constellation Photography

I couldn't wait to feature this next etysian in the Discover This series: photographer Amanda Graham. Mandy has been actively persuing photography for about 5 years now and though technically considered a professional, she still loves to think of it as a hobby because, as she says, "it never seems like work." Over the past 2 years, Mandy says she's been "highly driven to create better than average photos" and boy, does it show. Located in the American Northwest, the rural area surrounding Mandy's home makes a lovely subject for many of her photos. Tending to lean more toward photographing nature, Mandy explains how she loves "to focus on the beauty" of her surroundings and that "what may just be an abandoned bridge or just another sunset, is priceless beauty when taken to another level with the angle or perspective through the lens. It becomes something more than what we see every day." I, for one, definitely see something more than abandoned bridges or typical sunsets in her photos. I see nature in all its splendor...lush, rolling hills, awe-inspiring sunsets, rushing waters, even a simple tree swing takes on new meaning when viewed through Mandy's lens.

Raspberry Sunset


Mandy also loves to photograph children, and finds "great joy in capturing the natural innocense of children in their natural surroundings." Her "Boxcar Children" photograph (below) makes me long for the simple days of childhood, where a casual stroll along the tracks takes you to some new and exciting destination. The simplicity of youth is captured perfectly in this photo.

The Boxcar Children
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Special thanks to Mandy for allowing me to feature her beautiful photographs here on my blog. Also check out her blog at for details on how to win one of her photos!