Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Wednesday Wishlist: I Wish You Liked My Stuff

OK, I admit it. I was too lazy to actually put together this week's Wishlist, so I decided to take this opportunity to shamelessly promote my own creations. I'm entitled to do that every now and then, right? I mean it is in my and my business's best interest to put forth some effort in the promotion, advertising, and marketing departments, and this blog is part of my business, so what the heck. Just go along with it, will ya? :) Anyway, I've selected five items from each of my Etsy shops for a total of 10. To see a complete product lineup from each shop, right click on these links to open the shop in a new window:

Thanks for visiting, and I promise to be back next week with a brand new theme!

from Jean May Originals
Give Peace A Chance Crocheted Pin

Crystal Blue Persuasion Earrings

Wild Thing Fabric Tube Scarf

Floral Puff Pin No. 3

Color Splash Pillow

from Survivor Arts
Raspberry Lace Crochet Shawl

Aqua and Lavender Treasure Bowl

S is for Simply Superb Sudsy Scented Soap

Tranquility Knit Shawl

Linen and Lace Aroma Bead Sachet

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  1. wow knitting, felting, soaps and jewelry, how talented you are!