Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Wednesday Wishlist: Hearts

Hello all.  In keeping with the whole Valentine theme going on all over the place right now, I devote this week's Wishlist to all things love-ly, and made by fellow Etsyans of course.  Show them some LOVE please and right click on their name to open their shops in a new window.  My dear sellers, I love you all!


World Peace Alternative Apparel

Thinking Inside the Box B&W Fine Art Photograph
(this really captured my heart.  bravo, bauerart!)

Zipper Bag for Yarn
(ok, as a knitter and crocheter, I LOVE this!)

Red Toile Fabric Stationery Gift Set
(fabric stationery.  awesome!)

 Untold Story Bone Earrings
(tell me your story, and I'll tell you mine)

Broken Heart Greeting Card
Antique Oddity Major Atom the Victorian Sideshow Midget Photo
(love me some vintage photos!)

Black Bean and Corn Salsa
(can you say 'yum'?)
 Stoneware Pottery Plate with Hex Sign
(misspottery has the prettiest pottery on the planet!)

OverSoul Alien
(you can't find a more lovable alien anywhere!)

 Meraviglia Eccentric Ring
(now that's amore!)

 The Maharani Collection Limited Edition Beaded Bangle
(I am truly in awe.  Gorgeous!)

 Felted Crochet Handbag
(BlackDogFiberStudio, oh how I love thee!)

Whimsical Cottonwood Fairy House Carving
(Whee!  I want one for my garden!)

ACEO Dragon Watercolor


  1. What a fun collection! Thank you from MissPottery (aka Melissa)

  2. you are outta this world!!!!!!!
    a million smiles in this day to you,
    cj - oversoul

  3. Love this collection. Thank you for including me on the list!

    -Lori (TopShelfTotes)

  4. Thank you, Jean May Originals! I have left a link to your Blog on my BauerArt Facebook Page and on my Etsy Page. Your support of fellow Etsyans is much appreciated!
    Sally Bauer
    BauerArt Photography

  5. Thank you, thank you, thank you so much for including my demented Broken Heart Valentine's Day Card.
    It's such an honor to be here!


  6. FABULOUS collection Jean. I totally appreciate you featuring my World Peace tee!!
    Off to share your blog on FB and twitter!


  7. Awesome! Thanks for featuring my 'Untold Story' earrings, Jean! Love the collection!!! ":O)

  8. What can I say? :D
    thank you, thank you very much!!
    I didn't know your blog and it was a pleasant surprise!It's fantastic..
    I'm sending you a big kiss from Italy ,my dear :)<3


  9. Awesome, the dragon is my favorite. And the Major.