Tuesday, November 20, 2012

so my birthday came and went. . .

happy tuesday, blogville!

i celebrated 47 years of roaming the planet this past Sunday and what a wonderful weekend i had! i did a little supplies shopping Friday night...always fun!; friends took me to see Chicago blues legend Buddy Guy live in concert Saturday night...what an awesome performer!; and on Sunday, my actual birth day, i spent a lovely morning strolling through the forest preserve with my dogs, my daughter, and my camera...pics coming soon! each one of these events brought joy to my heart and a smile to my soul.

you know what else came and went?  the deadline for reopening my Survivor Arts shop on Etsy. i originally planned to reopen during October (Domestic Violence Awareness Month) but pushed it back to my bday, November 18. i'm now pushing it back yet again to November 30 but this time i'm making that date tentative. i tried doing the deadline thing; it just doesn't work for me. as an artist/artisan/designer/crafter i work best when i am in sync with my own creative flow. when i try to force it i get stuck, and aggravated, until motivation slips away and i can no longer focus on the task at hand. when artistic energy flows naturally i create from a stable mindset, something that is absolutely necessary to produce the unique, quality handmade items i strive for. so as of today i am done with deadlines. i will continue to work toward completing projects within a general and realistic timeframe, but no longer will i put pressure on myself or my artistic integrity with hard deadlines. nope, not doing it anymore. and i am more than okay with that.  :)

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