Sunday, November 4, 2012

getting back to the business of blogging

well hello there! long time no see. last time i wrote a blog post i swore i would be more consistent with posting. well, that hasn't worked out too well now has it? i've renewed my vow to blog more often, and this time i mean it! besides, i've got so many thoughts and ideas rolling around my brain that i absolutely must empty it out to make room for more thoughts and ideas. i originally was going to abandon this here blog in favor of blogging on the official JMO website but decided to stick it out here for the time being. it's not a bad idea to spread JMO all around the world wide webs after all. so let the blogger blog revival begin with a tiny peek at what's been happening in my little crafty corner of the world.

 #1. my new studio is about 90% complete. i installed new flooring, painted the walls, and moved all supplies/inventory in. there's still some organizing and light carpentry to be done, but the space is now the central hub for all things JMO. here's a look at my nice, clean worktable:

#2. after a hiatus of well over a year i'm reopening my Survivor Arts Etsy shop on November 18, 2012, which just happens to be my birthday! i've changed direction with this shop and will now offer hand sculpted clay pieces of a more personal nature. they are the art of this survivor of domestic violence, and each piece will contain my thoughts, memories, fears, and triumphs during a most difficult period in my life. healing therapy if you will. take a peek at one of the prototypes for this project:

#3. i've been spending lots of quality time with my trusty camera lately as Photography Manager for the Alsip (IL) Youth Football & Cheerleading organization. both my tween son and daughter partake in football and cheer and my last nine weekends have been spent snapping pics of them and their teammates. it's more work than i could have ever imagined, but so dang fun! we've now entered post season play with only one of our levels advancing to the second round of son's team lost in the first round *sniff* my photographic managerial duties will soon be coming to a bittersweet end. i'll miss the excitement of being on the field with the teams but i'll now have much more time to create. this is just one of about 3000 pics i shot this season:

there's lots more to share, but it's late and i need my beauty sleep. heh. blogging again feels good, so expect to see more updates more often. until then, keep peace in your mind and love in your heart. ~jean

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