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Discover This: IlzesCreations

The Discover This Series is on a roll!  Today I bring you a wonderful artist named Ilze all the way from Latvia.  Talk about talent!  She crochets, she knits, she felts, and she creates some of the most stunning pieces on Etsy.  I am always inspired by the talent of others, and Ilze certainly brings inspiration.  Enjoy this Q&A with her, and be sure to visit her links posted at the end.

Name: Ilze
Location: Latvia
Description of work: Freelancer

How long have you been creating your items?  
I've been creating handmade items as long as I can recall. At first it was sewing. I made simple clothing for my dolls. At age 10 I learned to knit and crochet. Since approximately age 14 I had learned mostly all the basics and was able to earn some pocket money with selling my handmades. 

Felt Case in Black with White Daisy
for iPhone
How did you get started?  Art and crafting is in my family tree. My great grandmother was a teacher in craft school. Both my grandmothers had good skills in sewing and crafts. Also my mother is an artist and creates handmade items. Spirit of handmade has been there already before I even was born.

What inspires your designs?  I'm getting inspiration from color combinations, nature, flowers, internet, movies, magazines, my own mood and from many other things. For example, I was inspired from my own photo of a bee in my garden and I made felt bee hair clips.

Do you sell your items?  
I'm an individual merchant. I have a small shop where I sell my crafts and different amber jewelery and souvenirs. Also I accept custom orders. Recently I joined Etsy where I offer felt and crochet accessories - felt flower brooches and pins, felt hair clips, felt purses and cases, crochet hats and knitted items. 

Red Flower Felt Brooch

Are you a formally trained or a self-taught artist?  Mostly I'm self-taught. At first I learned from books and my mother gave me advice. I have also taken several courses. I find information on the internet, in magazines, from other artisans, then I try to turn my ideas in reality. I don't stop self training until I get good results and myself and others are satisfied. 

Why would someone benefit from purchasing your designs?  Accessories have the capability of changing any clothing look to more brighter and stylish. For example, felt flower brooch can change boring, casual black shirt or dress in seconds. Even if they are served as a gift, but gift receiver doesn't wear brooches in the regular way, brooch can be pinned to a bag or a hat! There are many options how to use brooches, so all can find best way of using them. I also offer felt iPhone cases, they are a great and useful gift if you are not sure about gift receivers taste in style. Here in Latvia we have quite cold winters, therefore it is important to keep body warm and crochet hats, shawls, knitted socks can help in that alot! 

Anything else you’d like to share?  I have many ideas, therefore check my shop often for new crafts and designs. 

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3-6m Baby Pink Beanie with Cherries

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