Friday, August 5, 2011

Discover This: All Things Granny

Look, another fellow Etsyan! I've decided to ramp up the Discover This series with more posts about fabulous artists and their incredible handmade wares. Allow me to introduce my friend and fellow crocheter, Angela of All Things Granny. She's smart, talented, and a really nice person to boot. Angela currently manages 5 shops on Etsy. Yes, 5. Is that incredible or what?  Check out her other 4 shops listed on her Etsy Profile. Here's what Angela has to say about her thriving business:

Name: All Things Granny
Location: Arizona
Description of work: Crochet Designer

Reversible Cotton Granny Square Pot Holder
How long have you been creating your items? Over 35 years, since I learned how to crochet.

How did you get started? I learned to crochet back when I was just 8 or 9 years old, my mother taught me the basics, and I eventually learned how to read patterns. I made gifts for people throughout my life, and I also have a small dog sweater business, but my love for baby items got me started making Baby Blankets.

Custom Owl Granny Baby Blanket
Where do you draw inspiration for your designs? I get inspiration from everywhere I look in nature, magazines, even on the Internet.

Where can we find your items for sale? I sell on and also my own web page,

Do you have any formal training, or are you a self-taught artist? I am self taught.

How would someone benefit from purchasing your designs? I think people benefit by buying handmade items in general. The quality of my items is top-notch. I think an heirloom baby blanket that can be passed down from generation to generation can be a priceless gift for any new Mom, and Baby.

Custom Granny Square Baby Blanket
Special thanks to Angela for participating in the Discover This series on the JMO blog.  Beautiful work, my friend!

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