Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Wednesday Wishlist: Random Wants

For this week's Wednesday Wishlist, I bring you my current Top 10 List of Random Wants:

1.  Meet Beck.  This guy is freaking brilliant.  There isn't a single one of his songs that I don't like.
Seriously, he's a musical genius.  Beck, I love you.
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2.  A country cottage in the woods.  I want to relish in the peace and quiet, just me and nature,
without a neighbor in sight for at least half a mile.
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3.  My kids graduating from high school.  They'll all be 18 when that happens and I will then be fully entitled to kick them out of my house.  I love them dearly, but I'll love them more when they're gone.  :)
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4.  Open the J May Cafe.  A quaint little establishment serving fine homemade cuisine.  Stop in for a light meal or a cup of coffee and some good conversation.  You're always welcome.
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5.  Open the J May Boutique.  Another quaint little establishment offering the finest handmade goods around.  Would love to combine the boutique and cafe together.
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6.  A money tree.  Money doesn't grow on trees you say?  Nonsense!   Look at the picture.
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7.  Love.  Period.
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8.  Peace.  Period.
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9.  Learn to play guitar.  I can rock out on air guitar like it's nobody's business, but if I learn to play the real thing maybe Beck will ask me to join him on tour.
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10.  Happiness.  For you, for me, for everybody.
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