Wednesday, May 20, 2009

JMO's First EVER Giveaway!

For the first time ever, Jean May Originals is sponsoring a Giveaway! Here's the lowdown on how it will work:

WHO - Anyone and everyone is invited to participate. Tell all your friends, family, co-workers and neighbors.

WHAT - Winner will receive 2 bars of our new April Showers handmade soap (approx. 2 oz. each) and a 100% Cotton Crochet Washcloth. This batch of soap was made using the cold process method and is rich with skin loving ingredients like Palm Oil, Coconut Oil, and Olive Oil. Infused with Rain fragrance oil...a very clean, fresh scent suitable for men, women and children...these lather-rich bars are a treat for your skin and gentle enough to use as a facial cleanser.

WHERE - Just visit the new and improved JMO website here. Check out everything we have to offer including our newest product lines--Handmade Soaps and Photo Cards. Then return here to the blog and post a comment on which item you liked the best. If you don't see anything you like on the website, tell us what you would like to see! Winner will be chosen at random using When posting your comment, please include your email address name (just the part before the @). I will only use this information to verify the winner.

WHEN - Post your comment by midnight, June 27. All participants will be tossed into the list randomizer and a winner will be chosen on June 28. I'll be announcing the winner in a blog post so check back here on that date to see if you've won!

WHY - This giveaway is our way of kicking off the new website and rolling out our newest product lines. These are exciting times for JMO and we want everyone to know about it!!

Open to U.S. & Canadian residents ages 18 and up. Only one entry per person. Comments must be posted by midnight on June 27 to be eligible.


  1. Ok I always love looking through your site.. and its even more exciting with all of your new ventures!!

    My Favorite Item is the Orange Glass Beads with Creamy White Swirls.

    Though I am a huge fan of pink and brown ... Orange is my next fav!

    Hope i win! I can't wait to try some of your new soap!!

  2. These new ventures are so exciting! I'm so excited for you and wish you good luck with all of them. I'm sure they will be a huge success!

    My favs? I can't decide between two of them. The "Buds in Bloom" and "Lovely Lilacs" photo cards are just beautiful!

    Keeping my fingers and toes crossed that I win. I love trying new soaps!

  3. The Dreamsicle bracelet is my favorite. I am, however, excited to try your new soaps. I hope I win;)

    Christina S

  4. Do I have to pick just one!!! I love it all!! I love to try new things so I am up for anything!! The soaps sound great! HOPE I WIN!!

    Darlene Cox

  5. wow evewrything looks fabulous over there. You've been working very hard!! I love your photo cards. They look great!

  6. The party soaps will be a hit! Great idea! My favorite item would be the Buds in Blossom Photo card. Great job. I would like to see edible goodies!!

    Jo Ann

  7. Hey there! Giveaway? Yay!!! Jean, I your invite cards! It looks so classy and yet so cute! Well, I totally love this blog you are doing such a FANTASTIC job! Well, I hope I win because I would love to try your soaps also.

    Ketty Gonzalez

  8. I would love to see more hand made soap! I am a bit (okay maybe more than a bit) of a hand made soap addict so would love to see a wide range of colors and scents. Can't wait to see more!

  9. I love your trianglar scarf. I am addicted to handmade soap and particularly violet and lavendar and Lilac fregrances.


  10. I love the little heart oap n the fabric bags your webiste is very very nice

  11. I am excited!! Love the Energy Bracelet! Love you work Jean!

  12. Good luch and it is a lovely site, I love you cards great pictures"Buds in Bloom" is my favorite. I also liked the crochet wrap too.

  13. My favorite is definitely the Dreamsicle Bracelet!

    However, your photos are beautiful as well.

    I would love to see lavender, orange/mandarin, and plumeria scented soaps!!

  14. I love this giveaway, handmade soaps are the best, make your skin feel wonderful.

    Okay my favorite thing in your store is your energy bracelet. It's simply, love the color, earthy color, and it's priced for every budget!

  15. I really like the Energy and Safari bracelets! Can't decide which I like the most, they are both really cool :-) And, you have great prices! You are a very creative person.


  16. Hi Jean,

    This is my first visit to your blog and your website. Both are awesome, I might add. I think my fav is the dreamsicle bracelet, very creative and colorful!

    Have a happy day!


  17. I love the Buds in Bloom photo card! So pretty and very vibrant colors!

  18. Good luck with your new product lines! It's hard to pick a single favourite on your site .. I think I'd have to say the Dreamsicle bracelet though! I really like the new photo cards!

    I'd rather not post my e-mail addy name - my plurk name tho is bluebunny ;)

  19. Wow, awesome site! It was my first time visiting & it was very easy to navigate through. I'm just now starting to learn crochet so my personal favorite was that part of your website. You have beautiful designs there & it inspires me to learn it so I can one day make things like this.

    Great job and all the best.

  20. The website looks great! It is clean and easy to navigate. I love the Triangle Shawl in Blue Mint. It looks perfect for wearing at the office when there is a bit of a chill.

    Keep up the good work!

  21. Love the new cards...Great stuff