Sunday, May 3, 2009

Discover This ~ Greetings from Shebel Road

Next up in the Discover This Series is one creative and talented lady. Meet Kris Shebel, a Michigan City, Indiana resident who combined her love of scrapbooking and creative writing to open her own business, Greetings from Shebel Road. Kris creates beautiful handmade greeting cards, invitations and place cards. Kris has been designing greeting cards for many years for family and friends and, after receiving many requests, decided to go public with her own greeting card line. She says "After all, if you're going to send something to someone, I feel it should be special and stand out. They should know you've really taken the time to create something just for them, even if you've purchased it." Kris gets inspiration for her designs from things she sees in nature, the store, or from other paper crafters. She attends scrapbook conventions and says "it's a great place for inspiration and idea swapping as well."

When you purchase one of Kris' custom, handmade greeting cards or invitations, it will reflect your personality and style. All of her products are handcrafted and embellished with such luxuries as beading, ribbon, 3D die-cuts, crystals, raffia, etc. Giving one of Kris' cards will be a gift itself to the recipient. As one of Kris' customers so eloquently put it, "At a time when the unique is too often overshadowed by the commercial ~ the only thing more special than giving these lovely "Works of Heart" is receiving one! Congratulations on a wonderful line of quality, hand crafted greetings!" Now THAT's a great compliment!

There's also a bit of interesting history behind the Greetings From Shebel Road name: The original Shebel family homestead property is situated right across the street. This homestead was built by Kris' husband's ancestors in the early 1800's. At that time, if a particular family owned a large portion of land, and the "farm road" used to access the home was eventually changed into a county road, the road would be named after the original family residing there. The original farm house was torn down approximately 30 years ago and replaced with a beautiful English Tudor home. Her husband's father built that home. Kris and her husband dearly miss him, as he passed away in 1992. Kris and her family reside in a rural neighborhood filled with generations of family and their roots run deep. She feels honored to live on the road bearing her husband's family name where they raise their beautiful daughter and furry friends together.

I'd like to thank Kris for participating in the Discover This Series here on the JMO Blog. For additional information and to see more of her designs, visit HER WEBSITE.

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