Sunday, December 7, 2008

Discover This: "Beautifully Wrapped" ~ Cecile's Chenilles

The next featured artist in the Discover This series is Cecilia Brown of Cecile's Chenilles. Cecilia spent twenty years making props and working the "Art Department" of the film business. Unable to keep her hands still after retiring, she went back to painting and crafts. Fortunately for us, those busy hands have created some of the most beautiful shawls around!

One of her (and my) favorite products are these silk/cotton/blend shawls which Cecilia makes by hand, and it's apparent she has plenty of fun choosing just the right fabrics and colors. You won't be disappointed with the workmanship, or the prices, either. If you're looking for that really outstanding gift or need a wedding or special occasion wrap, then look no further than Cecile's Chenilles. These 70"-80" long shawls are gorgeous and finely sewn. Each features silky or glass bead fringe.
This beauty offers deliciously creamy chiffon checks on one side and crisp white cotton on the other. Great for a wedding, formal event, or prom, this shawl would beautifully compliment an outfit of pure white, cream, or pale pastel. Each end has intricate machine made crochet with long fringe. The fabrics are cotton, polyester, silk and cotton crochet.

White and Cream Chiffon with Crochet and Lace Shawl

The olive green paisley side of this 80" shawl is 100% silk. The other is a combination of fine cotton with a rayon leaf print insert. Gorgeous 6" silky trim in black. Cecilia says this shawl is "great for redheads and anybody else who loves those warm earthy greens." Measures about 18" wide.

Olive Green and Black Silk/Rayon Shawl

Last, but by no means least, is this stunning shawl featuring an overall red tiny-flowered pattern on front and back in vintage chiffon. This shawl is quite wide. It can be folded in half lengthwise (as can any of Cecilia's shawls) to make a narrow wrap across the back, then drape and let it open out at the hems. Bright red and silky fringe completes this wrap. Cecilia says this shawl is "more fun than elegant."

Red Millefleur Chiffon Shawl with Red Fringe

For more information, including pricing, on these and all of Cecilia's beautifully handcrafted shawls, please visit her online shop at

I would like to extend a special thank you to Cecilia for allowing me to showcase her luxurious shawls.

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