Sunday, December 30, 2012

new year, new diet. read on....

i remember making new year's resolutions when i was younger .... save money, lose weight, less drinking.  as new year's resolutions go, i was never one to keep any one resolution intact for more than about a month.  i was so easily led astray back then.  then one day i decided i would no longer make yearly 'resolutions.'    i mean, really, what's the point?  there are a number of personal challenges i resolve to overcome daily and for the most part they are a success, so i see no reason to begin a new year with some grand, over-the-top resolution.  pfft.

but this year i'm adding a little twist to a new personal challenge.  you see, i'm going on a diet.  not one of your standard low-carb, low-fat, low-sugar, sans-red-meat diets.  no.  this is a financial diet.  i'm formulating a plan to pay down current debt and afford home repairs while still building my savings and  investing in my business.  first thing i plan on doing:  eliminate incidental spending.  let's face it, i don't have a huge pool of disposable income to draw from, so that $5 coffee every other day, and that $4 breakfast burrito i can't seem to live without, and the $10 lunch when i forget to bring from home...all that is money better spent on groceries, or fuel, or utility bills.  so starting tomorrow, 12-31-12, i , jean m. may, pledge to eliminate any and all unnecessary incidental spending.  i figured i'd take it a week at a time, rather than proclaim to go a month straight without spending a penny extra.  the end of the week is much closer than the end of the month, and i think it puts the long-term goal of financial freedom in better perspective.  slow and steady wins the race, right?

i'll share my dietary progress here every so often so be sure to come back and visit.  in the meantime, save your pennies!


image courtesy of CROSS-eyed

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