Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Discover This: Wearable Art

The Discover This Series is finally back! This time around I bring you Cheryl F. Cameron of Champaign, Illinois. Cheryl's specialty is hand-painted silk scarves, and they are some of the most beautiful works of wearable art you can find.

Cheryl's been painting for some years, but only started painting silk about a year ago. Having done a little formal drawing study, she's self-taught in painting and researched silk painting herself. With a lot of trial and error, she found out what worked well for her. She says "It's a continual process - I'm always looking around for new ideas and ways to experiment and branch out. It was a natural branching out from painting on canvas. My drawing teacher mentioned that she painted scarves and I thought it was the greatest idea because it merged all the things I loved - painting, fashion, batik and the vast scarf collection I already had. From that point I did research to see how silk painting was done, found a technique that I liked and gradually fine-tuned my method till I felt good about the results." I think anyone who sees her finished pieces would feel good about the results! Cheryl says inspiration for her designs "...are very intuitive. I don't really think when I'm painting, I just go with what feels right in shapes and colors. Also, I seek out new aesthetic influences - in music, movies, dancing, folks you see on the street. Beauty and artistry is all around, and I try to pay attention to that. But trusting my instincts is the biggest lesson I have learned. "

Cheryl hopes that other people would like her scarves for the same reason she does - they are a great combination of practical and pretty, they're versatile, and add a little spunk to an outfit. Silk especially is nice because it feels good on the skin and is strong and beautiful. She tries to create what she finds aesthetic, and hopes that comes through in her work. In my opinion, it most definitely comes through in her work!! Her work can be found at boutiques and galleries in Central Illinois as well as in her etsy shop. She's also done a few outdoor art festivals.

In closing, Cheryl shares that this "has been a fascinating couple of years - realizing that art was very important and finding a way to make it the focus of my life. I’ve been amazed at how helpful and encouraging folks have been - like Jean, offering to feature me like this. Thank you!" Thank YOU, Cheryl, for sharing your work with us!

Silk scarves pictured, from top to bottom:
"Too Much of a Good Thing can be Wonderful"
"Green Leaves"
"Burgundy and Violet Curls"
Please visit Cheryl's etsy shop, Frances Cameron Silks, for more information and pricing on these and all of her currently available pieces.

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  1. Beautiful work! Great article! I'm already drooling...... Sigh......